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You can ask for an interpreter by writing an e-mail to or by calling: 5179345

Courses and education

ICI offers a variety of courses and training both in Iceland and in Europe, also for teachers and trainers who apply through Comenius and Grundtvig Life Long Learning programs.

European projects

ICI has participated in several European projects since 2003. Here you can see more about our projects and partnerships.

InterCultural Iceland

an independent, non-profit, non-governmental educational center which specializes in intercultural education and teachers training, as well as European co-operation



INAR, but project coming to an end

The complete training package is now complete in English, Romanian, German and Icelandic. The Trainer Handbook containing…

Older news

ICI was established in the year 2003 by 5 women who all have education or experience in intercultural issues. Now 14 years later 3 women work for ICI on different projects and tasks.

Cherry Hopton
Teachers Trainer
Anna Maria Milosz
ICI office
Gudrun Petursdottir
General Manager